just say yes

Just Say Yes!


Changing Your Behaviour You are now dealing with potentially one of the most serious, emotional and worrying times of your life. Learning to say yes to offers of help, food and childcare to name a few is important.  This may feel quite difficult.  If, like me, you are quite an independent, busy person and pride …

Your first chemo

Your First Chemo


  Before it all Begins…. Your First Chemo At this point you may feel a bit confused and frightened – this is normal.  No one really knows what to expect and your first chemo can seem like a very daunting experience. For some people (and I count myself amongst those) being prepared can really help. …

cold caps

Cold Caps


The Quest to Prevent Hair Loss: Cold Caps A Cold Cap is exactly what the name suggests – it is a hat which can be worn during chemotherapy to cool down the scalp and prevent hair loss. Cold caps are now available in most chemo therapy units. There are two types – The first type …

to wig or not to wig

To Wig or Not to Wig


Losing Your Crowning Glory This is another one of those ‘you don’t know how you feel til you’re in it’ situations. Losing your hair is horrible. You probably haven’t ever spent much time thinking whether or not you’d have a wig if you lost your hair but suddenly here you are and time may not …

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